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Young People Writing and Wordplay- YWA Special Requests

YWA~Young People Writing and Wordplay Around Town


Community members asked for the following YWA Special Projects -- you can too.


  YWA Special Request led by Jon Labrouse and Dave Prince  writing + art + super heroes, a lab for teens:

  Teen Epic Poetry Poster Production Workshop

Most people don't make the leap to Action/Adventure when they think about art and poetry.  Fortunately, artist, David Prince, and poet, Jon Labrousse, are not 'most people.'  Beauty in nature is a wonder to contemplate, without a doubt, but it's a lot more exciting when the squirrels are clad in all black, and armed with nunchakus and ninjato.  Existential angst is a lot more thrilling when the humdrum woes of the world can be solved with super powers and flaming battle axes. Develop compelling characters, in words and images, and put them through heroic trials.  Compose truly Epic verse, celebrating their story.  Best of all, put it all together in a poster complete with artwork and illustrations that you can take home and hang on your wall as a totem against the doldrums, and as an inspiration to action!



• Science Fiction writing for middle school and high school writers YWA Special Request led by teaching writer, Nina Kiriki Hoffman:

 Invent a story using dice! Come to this workshop ready to write.  We'll roll dice to choose characters, companions, future devices, and more!  Let's see how much you can discover and write about!




• Writing Mentor YWA Special  Request: a young writer works one-on-one with a teaching writer weekly to test writing tips, explore writing remedies and indulge in the pleasure of words.


Exercise Your Wild Imagination writing group YWA Special Request:

Give your creative brain a workout while discovering writers your own age. Try different writing ideas prompted by stories, drama games, art, or by odd and familiar objects. Write and illustrate. Play with language and surprise in your original stories and poems.  Each packed meeting, experiment with writing tips, and “workshop” your writing in small groups through positive constructive feedback. Find out about potential publishing opportunities and how to submit your work. For our 8th meeting, invite friends and family to hear original writing from our term together. Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse leads this after school group.


• Boys' Writing Club after school YWA Special Request: A writing adventure for inventive boys to explore through writing,  “…places not down in any map; true places never are.”  Herman Melville


• Storyteller! YWA Special Request:  Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse tells to mixed-age gatherings from school-wide celebrations and festivals to classrooms and libraries.

Louisa’s words come to life with a power and honesty that engages every cell. Her work is fresh, alive, joyful. She is a mesmerizing performer. Margo Van Ummersen, parent and choreographer

You lit up the Dock Street Theatre and the faces of your most appreciative audience. Carol Furtwangler, Coordinator, Sundown Festival, Spoletto USA

Louisa captivated our students, staff, and parents with her ability to make a story come to life.  She kept the audience spellbound throughout the story. ...  If you have a chance to see one of Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse’s story telling performances, you will see an artist who conveys her love of story and its message through all she says and does.  Kathi Dew, Principal, Thurston Elementary


• Poetry-writing YWA Special Request for middle school and high school writers:

LOST AND FOUND: a poetry workshop with Kelly Terwilliger In this workshop we will write our way into and through the realm of Lost and Found to see what we uncover... 1. the room (or table, or box) where misplaced things are gathered, 2. what happens when something lost is recovered, 3. what happens when what is lost stays at least somewhat lost; when something new is discovered...




 • Take Flight is an in-school program from the Science Factory and Young Writers Association. We present a day of creative exploration in science, creative writing and visual arts. See the details here.



 • Mess With Words-Inventing Wild Family Tales YWA Special Request for mixed-aged Family Time: 

Inspired by a folktale, exercise creativity in action packed wordplay. Tell, illustrate, act and imagine both solo and in family teams. Led by Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse.




• Poetry-writing YWA Special Request for middle school and high school writers:

Out of the Ordinary, the Voices of Poetry: a poetry workshop with Carter McKenzie   To shut our eyes is Travel. Emily Dickinson Where do poems hide? What feeds them so that they emerge, making their presence known through the immediacy of the senses of sound, sight, smell, taste, texture? Through unexpected associations and recognition of kindred spirits conjured by all of these elements? During this hour, we explore how your own poems might take place out of the ordinary world, and beyond assumptions, through engaging writing exercises, and through the inspiration of poetry by a range of writers including Naomi Shihab Nye, William Stafford, Gary Soto, W.S. Merwin, and Emily Dickinson.



Writers! Unfurl Fine Writing! Join a Writing Lab Intensive. Each packed morning, meet with writers your age to work with a different published author, talk with a representative for potential publishing opportunities, and “workshop” your writing in small groups through positive constructive feedback. Facilitated by Young Writers Association founder, Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse.



 Do you have a Special Request for YWA? Would you like to see a writing club at your school, or a writing residency or classroom visit? Let's look at possibilities-- contact YWA.


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