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Requests and literary news

~YWA Literary Arts la carte ~ contact YWA

YWA takes requests for special projects. It's as if YWA is a kitchen and folks can request their favorite dish, or ask for a dish with certain ingredients for a tasty special-- YWA literary kitchens! 

Request in school residencies, YEA!Days, WILCS, Triads, Flight, ArtsParties, TAGLab Intensives or Stories From Here

  Request after school, non-school days and special projects. Your community group, parent group, library or community businesses partner, may want to sponsor writing workshops, after school writing groups or one of our integrated literary arts explorations.

~ Share information on local literary arts opportunities for youth~ contact YWA

YWA wants information to post about what others are doing-- their literary arts opportunities for youth. We want to get that information out in as many ways as we can. Families so want to know.

Please send us your information on Lane County, Oregon literary arts opportunities for youth and we will share it on our website & Facebook page.

Like us on Facebook to receive our postings-- go to Facebook,  Young Writers Association (Lane County, Oregon) or click on the Facebook icon on our home page and "like us".

~ Links: what others are doing

-- Tsunami Books has TWO open mic opportunities for all ages. Call them to find out when the next ones will be held: 541-345-8986. Find Tsunami at 2585 Willamette Street, Eugene.

1. All-Ages Open Mic Poetry  and Jazz ($5-10, includes admission to the slam)

2. This is followed by The Eugene All-Ages Poetry Tslam. Performance poets get 3 minutes 11 seconds limit per poem, original work only. ($5-10 admission)

--  Lane Library League has contact information for public and volunteer libraries in Lane County

-- Oregon Poetry Association has an annual contest for youth.

-- Honoring Our Rivers, accepts river-related submissions from youth. Application

-- Skipping Stones Multicultural Magazine publishes youth. Here are the submission guidelines.

-- Setting Forth-- on a Literary Itinerary would like to include writing by children in the magazine. Find out more at http://settingForth.org 

-- UO Youth Enrichment/TAG has partnered with Young Writers Association for many years. YE/TAG offers enrichment in all subject areas to eager, able learners.

-- Wordcrafters in Eugene is a new literary arts non profit focusing on fiction and craft. They include both adult and young writers in their programming. Wordcrafters offers an annual creative writing contest for youth, and for 2015, team up with Lane Arts Council to offer writing and visual arts labs on no school days.

-- Oregon Humane Society's 67th Annual Be Kind to Animals Poster & Story Contest deadline for Oregon and Clark County Washington for grades 1-8 is December 18, 2015.

-- School-aged writers are invited to sign-up to read their original writing at The Poetry Stage @ The Festival Of Eugene in late August (festivalofeugene.com ). The Reading is featured in Festival of Eugene advertising as a Sunday afternoon student reading or open mic for their friends and family to enjoy. To sign-up or get more information contact C. Steven Blue by email: cstevenblue@wordsongs.com Steven Schreiner (Pen name: C. Steven Blue) is Publisher/Managing Editor of Arrowcloud Press, a poet, as well as a producer and host of annual poetry events here in Eugene (website: website: www.wordsongs.com). He produces and hosts The Poetry Stage @ The Festival Of Eugene. 

-- Lane Literary Guild  has a helpful list of literary arts links on their webpage.

-- Mid-Valley Willamette Writers is the largest writers' organization in Oregon.  Lindy Cady shares some tips for young writers on developing characters in Lamp World, on YouTube. The video was shot in the office of Willamette Writers.

-- Sallie Vandagrift taught after school workshops for Young Writers Association for a number of years and has started a literary arts organization for youth: salmonhousewriters.com.

-- Ophelia's Place is a supportive community for girls, located at 1577 Pearl St. #100, in Eugene. They sometimes offer creative writing classes on site after school, and during their annual Girls Rule Event at Lane Community College: http://www.opheliasplace.net

-- Upstart Crow Studios sometimes offers a class on script writing in their Studios on 855 W. 1st Avenue in Eugene.  


Enjoy Roller Coaster by YWA's 4th & 5th grade Wild Imagination Group

Roller Coaster

Up and down like a humming bird hovering,

The ear-splitting shriek of the metal rails.

Light wind the color of lilacs,

The speed of a storm,

The death of all worries.

Sitting in a casket of screams and laughter,

Racing with the cobra

Feeling as small as a finch.

by Santina Donnelly, Wilson Garland, Dhruthi Mandavilli, Meghan McMahan, Adrianna Ripley, Ashley Schmittle, Aiden Turpin, Kate Vu, Esther Yang, Nathan Yeh



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