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Trailblazing Triads for schools


What are your students learning in math? As students master material, explore the core math concepts and vocabulary through dance and creative writing with dancer Margo VanUmmersen and teaching writer, Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse.  Contact YWA to find out more.

Trailblazing Triads Train the Brain! Young Writers Association teams up with classroom teachers to support classroom learning with customized interdisciplinary residencies. Bring into your classroom, professionals who have a passion for their discipline and as role models, show what is possible in the discipline they love. Choose one academic goal and explore it in the traditional classroom method as well as through dance (or visual arts) and writing to promote American ingenuity and boost brainpower.

The care & feeding of American Ingenuity

• Bring in Arts Partners for the Classroom teacher

• See creative arts and academics work together to support student learning

• Keep the artists’ customized lessons for your future classes

• Invite friends and family to a community celebration of your students’ unique synthesis and solutions

Dear Educators,

Why make time for this? In the 1990’s American creativity (CQ) scores began falling. They are still falling (Bronson and Merryman, 2010). Neuroscience (Willis 2006) says our brains process, store, and retrieve material more effectively as we become more fluid (creative) thinkers. It is precisely those lessons and disciplines that encourage creativity that are most often abandoned as schools face limited resources and the pressures of standardized testing. Let’s make time for interdisciplinary learning triads and turn the tide.

 Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse, YWA

     Triad teaching artists' bios

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