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Mixed Voices

YWA Mixed Voices Program:  1996-2013

Spoken word publishing, YWA Mixed Voices on KLCC/NPR, 89.7

YWA Mixed Voices has been a monthly theme-based prose & poetry break during the News on KLCC/NPR. Kids and teens from various Young Writers Association projects read their original work  for the radio. 




YWA Mixed Voices CD Anthology 1996-2006


Edited by Robert Hill Long and Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse, this cd anthology project was supported in part by a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust, investing in Oregon's arts, humanities and heritage.

YWA's Mixed Voices CD is a compilation of Lane County kids reading their own writing for radio. YWA invited Lane County school-aged authors to pen topical writing for broadcasting during the KLCC/NPR news programs. Mixed Voices aired monthly. Thanks to a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust, YWA has gleaned from an archival trove of Mixed Voices programs to give you this spoken word CD anthology of Lane County young people.

Who is the Mixed Voices CD Anthology for? Everyone. Enjoy poetry or short literary works from a range of ages and backgrounds. Notice how one topic brings forth diverse responses. Listen to each voice, vulnerable and clear-- the breath of the author in and out as the sound of words sweep, burst, growl, or saunter into the air. Teachers and young writers: find a topic on the CD that fits what you are thinking about, use it to inspire creative writing, lively discussion or a research project exploring issues raised by the work.

History: In 1996 Young Writers Association proposed the MIXED VOICES program to KLCC public radio station, Eugene, Oregon, as a program for short poems and prose pieces spoken aloud to showcase authors of all ages. KLCC’s program director Don Hein, and chief newsman, Tripp Sommers liked the way Mixed Voices matched their idea of community radio and generously trained YWA board members to produce the show. Since January 1997 Mixed Voices has aired monthly during KLCC’s news program, NORTHWEST PASSAGE. Tune your radio to 89.7 on the last Monday of the month, during the News at Noon to hear MIXED VOICES.

Cover art: Jon Labrousse

Interested in ordering copies of YWA's Mixed Voices Anthology CD? Please contact YWA. Our contact info is at the bottom of the page.  Each CD is $6.


Who are the published Voices on the YWA Mixed Voices CD?


Trevor Stuart, Jack Strother-Blood, Sarah Page, Cassie Ruud, Sean Rogge,  Shaleah Towle, Kayla Cassidy, Emily Mangan, Tess White, Chelsea Williams, Noah Davidson, Katherine Westermann


Elaine Fang, Bailey Obie-Barrett, Lily Bussell, Julia Rogers, Lizzie Wolfram, Jennifer Donovan, Katherine Westermann


Maggie Schmaedick, Bryce Gerard, Britney Martin, Anna Polishchuk, Gabriel Lovinger,   Julia Cuellar, Rose Frazier, Jana Barnes, Kirina Schwindler


Margaret Stewart, Nathan Hanson, Tawny Nicotin, Jana Barnes, Katherine Westermann


 Zach Circle, Cary Phillips, Anthony Horn, Ryan Hansen,Tejia Stearns, Andrew Tupper, Laura Roper, Hannah Foster, Sean Rogge, Janne Keskinen, Jesse Crane, Kendra Chambers, Charlotte Urforth, Rose Frazier, Justin Neville-Kaushall, Frannie Kim


Phoebe Penix, Madisyn Schultz, Larissa Satterwhite, Hannah Chapman

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