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Lively Literature Camp

Dear YWA families,

Thank you for checking in on our Lively Lit Camp.

I started YWA Lively Lit Camps over 20 years ago and now semi-retired, only do them by special request. You or your community group may request a scaled back version of the camps by contacting me through the YWA website.

I will post any relevant literary arts opportunities for youth that come my way on the YWA website and Facebook sites.  Some smaller version of YWA will go forward. You may request special projects and "like" YWA on Facebook to get posts on local literary opportunities for youth.

Thanks again for checking in.


A novel camp! Have you ever wished you could enter the world of your favorite book to experience the lives of the characters? Each summer, Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse creates day camps rooted in that idea, with separate sessions for elementary and middle school students. With Louisa and her husband Frank, campers enter a hands on adventure inspired by well-loved classics, becoming cooks, scientists, artists, builders, storytellers, and more.




 pictures from YWA Lively Lit Camps:  above left, Fools Fighters & Fine Arts; above right, "Down the Mississippi" 

Examples of camps:
What the Cyclops Wished He'd Known! Based on The Iliad & The Odyssey and Homer's ancient Greece where fact and myth gleam from ancient ruins.
Down the Mississippi: Based on the roaring good stories by Mark Twain and the wild Mississippi of the 1850s
Sea Dogs and Water Gypsies: Based on rollicking wild tales of gold, lace and tattooed islanders -- discover what Moby Dick, Treasure Island and a mysterious lady pirate have in common.
Fools, Fighters and Fine Arts: Why did they throw their plates out the window? Who was dancing on a cloth of gold? Why did Shakespeare hide spies in the attic? Explore European Renaissance and go behind the scenes of Shakespeare's Elizabethan Theatre.
Castles, Cauldrons & King Arthur...knights, dragons, monks and a talking head...Based on legends from the ancient British Isles and medieval Europe.
To ask about YWA Lit Camps, click to contact YWA

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