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Scary Writing Text 2012 Adult

Scary Writing Text 2012 Adult

Adult Winner YWA SCARY WRITING 2012 Chosen because of the plot.


Cogan Smith


Age 64



“Being fourteen was so-so when it came to Halloween,” Ethan thought. “I can’t go trick-or-treating, but I can still carve a mean looking pumpkin.”

            Ethan had the best pumpkin ever. Reddish orange, thirty pounds, odd lumps, valleys, and flat places. Perfect for scowling faces.

            He laid down newspaper, flexed his fingers, selected his sharpest knife, and sliced a six-inch circle around the stem. As he pulled the cap off, a dead fish odor blasted out. He pulled his head back, gasping and gagging.

            Setting the cap on the table, Ethan peered inside, expecting to see a putrid, rotting mess. Nope. It was golden and perfect. Ethan pushed his hand inside, and began vigorously scrapping the slimy, seedy sides.

            “Hey,” Ethan yelped, snapping his arm out! He could have sworn someone grabbed his hand.

            He laughed at himself, and boldly stuck his hand back in, reaching to the bottom. It felt like jelly. More slimy than last time. He pulled out a handful of pumpkin guts and slapped them on the newspaper.

            With even more gusto, he rammed his hand back in again. Immediately, he felt a strong forceful grip on his wrist. Ethan panicked! He tugged! He pulled! He couldn’t break free. His elbow plunged down into the pumpkin. Then in a blink, his face was eye level with the lid rim. Before he could catch his breath, another forceful yank pulled him in up to his shoulder. Ethan lost his balance and dangled dangerously over the table.

            Fear took over his body. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

            The last thing Ethan remembered was hearing a slurping sound and a burp, as he felt seeds and goo slime over his head.

            If there is a foul smell when you lift off the pumpkin cap, Beware!


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