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Scary Writing Text 2012 Age 5-8

Scary Writing Text 2012 Age 5-8

1st 5-8 yrs. YWA SCARY WRITING 2012 Chosen because of its original premise and the sense of real fear.

Yeong In (Elren) Chae
Camas Ridge Community School
Age 8

Step by Step

Should I go to the bathroom through the darkness?
One step,
Will there be a ghost?
Will the ghost pull on my ankle?

Two step,
Will there be a Dracula?
Will the Dracula bite my neck?

Three step,
Will there be a witch?
Will the witch turn me into a candy?

Here I go!

2nd 5-8 yrs. YWA SCARY WRITING 2012 Chosen because its plot and a try-fail cycle.

Kate Patterson
Adams Elementary School
Age 8

A Scary Surprise

Once upon a time, there was a young ghost named, “Sam.” He really wanted to be scary, so he tried lots of ways. He went to his mom to sneak up on her and tried to frighten her, but all that happened was a pleasant, “Oh, hi, Honey, it’s time for dinner!”
Sam climbed a tree and tried to scare a squirrel, but it just ate its nuts and scampered away. He went onto his balcony (which was quite crooked and scattered with glass) and there he found one of his friends, Ghoulia. And SHE was scaring all the squirrels away.
He walked away and felt discouraged. Then he heard his mother call, “Bedtime!” He went inside, went to his room, and put on his spider pajamas. Just then a black cat came in. Sam said to himself, “This is my chance! I can scare IT!” He tried waving his arms like a ghost (because he WAS a ghost…). But all that happened was; the cat backed up two steps and crawled under Sam’s bed. “What is wrong with me? Every time I try to scare, it doesn’t work. All I get is a pleasant surprise!” yelled Sam, as he slammed his door.
His green dog, Yolfie, jumped from his bed, and started barking like CRAZY.
“Finally! I scared someone!” cheered Sam.
And that is how Sam learned to be scary!

Tie 3rd 5-8 yrs. YWA SCARY WRITING 2012 Chosen because of the evocative use of language.

Paige Baker
Twin Oaks Elem.
Age 8

Calling all the monsters running into zombies.
Hearing bats screeching.
Seeing all the ghosts.
Feeling the wind.
Close your eyes.
Do you dare to go into the scare?

Tie 3rd 5-8 yrs. YWA SCARY WRITING 2012 Chosen for vocabulary, originality, and the sheer ambition for the project.

Cassidy Miller
Adams Elementary School
Age 6

The Lightning Mansion.

Once there lived five friends. Jillian had reddish and brown hair. She wore mostly ballroom clothes with gold round earrings. Her friends were [animals], Mike, Buddy, Chandra and Nico.
Jillian was researching about a mountain called Dark Mountain; it was once named Mount Piscotti and had the biggest mansion on earth.
In her research, Jillian found that a famous magician scientist pharmacist lived there a long time ago.
One day, Jillian’s friend, Dr. O’Malley, invited her to go to Dark Mountain to continue her research about a famous doctor who knew magic.
Jillian invited the rest of her friends – Nico, Chandra and Mike. Of course, Jillian’s dog Buddy came for protection, too.
Dr. O’Malley did not know that a ghost lived there.
They had to travel a long 100 miles to get to Dark Mountain. The mansion was 200 feet tall and 200 feet wide.
When they got inside, bats were flying everywhere. Ghosts were howling and flying around. Wind scattered leaves all around the room. Pumpkin heads flew in the air.
A red carpet led to a throne. Some knight armor had glowing red eyes, but nobody was inside. Then, a black tornado swarmed around the room and sucked up all of them!
A big monster swooped down with the pumpkin head on it. Mike screamed, “Let’s get out of here!”
Buddy said, “’Ro Kay!” And they ran out of the mansion.
But it all turned silent. The lights turned on. The animals were making a play. It was the “Scary Movie Contest” next week and they were counting on their animal friends to win.
Buddy’s dog friends, Nico, Chandra, and Mike, were chasing the squirrels (they were the director and the producer.)
They had a big party because they had won the contest.
The End.

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